Pom Delight 5 | 22

Light Belgian Ale w/ Pomegranate | 4.5% abv

tart light effervescent pomegranate ale, drinks similarly to a rose wine


Brimless 4 | 15

Light Blonde Ale | 4.5% abv | 10 ibu

light and refreshing ale with tones of crisp green apple


Gouden Donder 5.5 | 25

Belgian Strong Ale | 11.5% abv | 20 ibu

high alcohol ale with strong tones of caramelized banana and toasted toffee


Stop 43 Stout 5.5 | 20

American Stout | 5.1% abv

classic American stout with tones of frothed milk chocolate and roasted coffee


Marilyn Mango IPA 5.5 | 22

Hazy Mango ipa | 8.8% abv | 88 ibu

mango and sweet apricot with a bouncing citra hop finish

Prosperity 6 | 25

Market Garden | Wheat | 6% abv

bavarian style hefeweizen is a satisfying blend of sweet wheat and pale malts, clove, banana aromatics, and the zesty tang of wheat beer yeast


Bumble Berry 6 | 25

Fat Heads | Honey Blueberry Ale | 5.3% abv | 13 ibu

brewed with fresh harvested spring honey and infused with fresh blueberries; creating a light, refreshing ale with a nice blueberry aroma, malt flavors, hint of sweetness and a refreshing blueberry finish


All Day IPA 5 | 25

Founders Brewing Co. | Session ipa | 4.7% abv | 42 ibu

naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains, and hops, balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finsih


Dead Guy Ale 6 | 25

Rogue | Maibock Style Ale | 6.8% abv | 40 ibu

German style Maibock made with Rogue’s proprietary “pacman” ale yeast. deep honey in color with malty aroma, rich flavor and a well-balanced finish


Original Blend 5 | 22

Downeast | Cider | 5.1% abv

from its humble beginnings in the basement of a Bates college dormitory, Original Blend is the result of hundreds of test batches aimed at crafting the best hard cider you’ve ever tasted. Made from freshly pressed local apples, never with concentrate or artificial flavors / sweeteners.

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